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Excellent Inspiration Home Design

Bachelor Pads Great Living Idea 

Bachelor Pads Great Living Idea : Awasome Elftug Kusadasi Games Room With White Sofa

I have many single friends and most of them live in the Bachelor Pads. I am interested in the area taking into consideration the area will be great to be a living zone. Living alone with many sophisticated idea in making the room so comf[...]

July 4th 2015   |   Blenda   |   Architecture

Sunken Sitting Area Magic Conversation Zone 

Sunken Sitting Area Magic Conversation Zone : Awasome Outdoor Conversation Fire Pit With Color Blue

When my boss, my partners and I failed to hold the meeting at a resort because of some reasons last week, my boss decide to hold the meeting in his Sunken Sitting Area. I thought that the atmosphere would be so boring and just so so beca[...]

July 4th 2015   |   Blenda   |   Architecture

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas Mickey Theme 

Contemporary Home Design
Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas Mickey Theme : Captivating Twin Kids Bathroom

I was visiting the room of my nephew the other day when I happened to be impressed of the kids bathroom decor ideas his parents implemented for his bathroom. My nephew has his own bathroom located beside his room. It was the idea of his [...]

July 4th 2015   |   Fabiola Pacelli   |   Contemporary Home Design

Amazing Bathrooms from Flaminia Golf Theme 

Contemporary Home Design
Amazing Bathrooms from Flaminia Golf Theme : Awesome Compartmental Bathroom

Just the other day, when visiting my brother’s bathroom in his house I found such greatly creative and wonderful design of amazing bathrooms from Flaminia which he used. My brother has been a dedicated golf player for as long I know. H[...]

July 4th 2015   |   Fabiola Pacelli   |   Contemporary Home Design

Modern Bedroom Furnished with Furniture in Soft Color 

Modern Bedroom Furnished with Furniture in Soft Color : Modern Bedroom Rug And Furnished In Sof Color

In order to have work together in finishing project for presentation tomorrow, my classmate asks me to accomplish it in her house. Her house is built by adopting modern style so, living space inside is also designed in modern style. She [...]

June 4th 2015   |   Anjelita espinoza   |   Architecture

Cute Sofas Just For Living Zone 

Cute Sofas Just For Living Zone : Bright Living Room Contemporary Sofa With Wooden Floor

When I would like to renovate my home, I also think about Cute Sofas to be added in the living room in order to be cooler and more beautiful. So, my friends and my guest will be enjoying visiting my home. But, I am so confused about the [...]

June 4th 2015   |   Blenda   |   Architecture

Living Room with TV and Multimedia Entertainment System 

Living Room with TV and Multimedia Entertainment System : Amazing Living Rooms With Tv Room And Brown Sofa

For me, Living Room with TV is a very common thing and there have been many people have it. However, I have a strong desire to have a multimedia entertainment system in my living room as well. If it is possible, I will make that multimed[...]

June 4th 2015   |   Anjelita espinoza   |   Architecture

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